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“Arab Patent” "Arap Batant" company that specializes in Management Studies, and consulting project development, and business information services, aims to support knowledge-based economy in the Arab and Muslim world, and find appropriate to facilitate meet innovators with investors and experts environment for the exchange of knowledge and support the creation of start-ups that rely on transforming innovations into companies according to participatory marketing to create job opportunities for the Arab and Muslim youth through events organized by the company, which include conferences, exhibitions, contests, seeking the company to be the most prominent event in the field of investment and marketing innovations in the Middle East and the first reference for consulting and news of the innovations of existing projects on innovation and global forum strategy for all innovators and talented experts and investors More

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Starting your project just became easier! With us, you can obtain the necessary funding to achieve your dream.

We help you find a huge number of investment opportunities in which you can invest and achieve huge profits

We will be by your side step by step to turn your idea into an actual product

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Faisal Hatim

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Faisal Hatim

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Khalid Hasan

Executive Director, investment cooperation Company
Salim Hamdan

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Salim Hamdan

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