Steps of Contracting: Inventions and Projects

Initially, you have to provide us with a brief of the invention or the project and its details in a simplified way that lets us study its economical feasibility according to the steps hereinafter. Then communication is done by the company's attorney to sign an official certified contract after reaching an Initial consensus via the "ticketing system" on the website, taking into consideration that the company would not call the inventors until after studying the brief and making sure of its economical feasibility

1- Unregistered Inventions:

  • Registration on the website.
  • Joining the competitions section.
  • Completing the competitions form.
  • Signing the admission and conditions form sent by the company's management.
  • The winning inventions and projects come into effect in accordance with the participatory marketing through a partnership among the contestant, Arab Patent Company and an investor after the contestant receives the specified reward.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate information will not be considered.

2- Registered Inventions:

Patented Inventions   –   Non-patented Inventions 

  • Registration on the website, and adding the details of the invention or the project. Incomplete or inaccurate information will not be considered.
  • The feasibility study of the invention, and making sure that there is no direct or indirect marketing or contact data. Note: We do not accept non-patented registered inventions except under specific conditions; the most important of which is the existence of a commercial model.
  • The invention is displayed on the website; taking into account deleting it if the contract is not signed during the period of communication.
  • Sending an official offer to the economically feasible inventions.
  • In the case of accepting the offer, the contract will be signed by the company's representative in the country of the inventor.
  • The invention begins to be prepared for marketing and participating in the Arab Patent Conference according to the conditions.

3- Investors

  • Registration on the website.
  • Choosing the project or the invention that you want to invest in, and completing the form.
  • Sending the investment file of the project or the invention to the investor.
  • Discussing the details of the offer via the ticketing system.
  • Sending the contract to the investor to review its items.
  • Signing the contract, after reaching an agreement on its items.
  • Starting the implementation of the project.

Note: Registration and patent certificate are only required with the inventions, but they are not required with the alternative energy projects and other projects.