• Investment Opportunities

    Arab Patent Company is a distinctive investment environment in light of the availability of many promising opportunities in various areas for economically feasible innovative projects. We allow those who are interested in investment to choose the suitable opportunities to achieve their ambitions.

  • Waterproof Ear Protector

    The waterproof accessory for ear protection is formed of two housings joined by a ribbon. It is characterized by those housings that cover the…

  • A device for protecting gold miners from cancer

    This device protects gold miners from cancer. As in the last phase of gold mining, gold separates from mercury by heating, thereby mercury vapor…

  • Eye Speculum

    The eye speculum is a device that is intended for educational institutions; specifically for science laboratories. It allows students to have practical application after…

  • Automatic electronic microscope

    The medical automatic magnifying microscope is a developed version of the optical microscope, in addition to its high magnification capacity. It has been laboratory…

  • Protector against Viruses and Infection

    It is a lightweight mask that allows people to inhale fresh sterilized air in the crowd and the factories,

  • Insole with hole for footwear

    This insole with hole for footwear is shaped based on a laminar body with variable configuration and it is suitable for being incorporated inside…

  • Removable decorative device for glasses

    This removable decorative device for glasses, being included in the frame with its lens and the arms of the glasses, contains beauty ornaments that…

  • An athletic machine for bodybuilding without weights

    This machine is used for practicing bodybuilding without weights. It is considered an integrated bodybuilding club which is appropriate for winning championships;

  • Espace MAP

    An invention in the field of sports equipment, it falls within the recreational sports. This machine is used for strengthening the musculature.